Tandem Cycling to Santa Fe 
Monday, October 2, 2017, 04:12 AM - Weekend Fun
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I've started getting better at talking Jess into difficult adventures. Most recently we rode a tandem to Santa Fe from Nob Hill. Town and the canyon went fairly quickly, but riding up to the Triangle started to hurt a little more. The tandem isn't really designed for climbing, but it certainly has great gearing for spinning. We ran into a nice couple from Scotland by the Lazy Lizard who were on the final legs of their version of the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route. I apologized for the hazy weather but they reminded us they were from Scotland. "Oh right, you're feeling right at home then." They said that they were pleasantly surprised at New Mexico and were going to finish up in a few days so they could go to the Balloon Fiesta. We told them that was a perfect idea and wished them luck.

We got lucky with a nice South tailwind on the cruise North, otherwise I don't think we would have cleared the hill into Madrid. I was cranking with all my might and we barely made the pass. It was only at lunch in Madrid that Jess confessed that she stopped peddling for a while when she got tired on the climb. I decided to push it a bit on the decent into Madrid and we topped out at 49 mph in an adrenalin-packed bumpy roller coaster into town. We had a big NM lunch at The Hollar and then rushed north to catch the railrunner back to town. It was difficult, but lots of fun with such as wonderful lady. Jess's biggest ride ever! 62 miles with 4100' of climbing.

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