Red River Race Camp 
Wednesday, December 6, 2017, 03:31 AM - Weekend Fun
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After a very scary year, the UNM lobos are racing for at least a couple more years. So it was an absolute pleasure to go up for my 5th Red River Race Camp with the Lobos. Where else can you ski with some of the best racers in the world?! This year, Jeff, Jon, and I paired up with Nicky - a local racer from Taos - for two days of race training. Here's a little taste of his casual skiing:

Unfortunately, with the exception of the torchlight, no one skied anything except the bunny hill. That's global warming for you. I suppose we need to get used to it.

However, we worked a nice progression and I was carving an okay turn without flailing all over the place by the end of the camp. It's also a fun time to socialize with the student athletes and Sandia racers in proper apres style. Jeff and I were in the camper so we hosted a couple parties 'down by the river' -
hilarious in their simplicity: all it takes is a jambox and rapid lightswitching to have a good time. Red River is also so tiny that the UNM van kept crossing paths with us. Friday night, we got a lift to Bull of the Woods and Saturday we got a lift to the banquet. I started thinking everywhere we'd go headcoach Joe would show up with the magic bus to take us to our destination. Until next time Lobos!

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