Playing around the Tetons 
Friday, August 3, 2018, 03:55 AM - Trips
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After the Grand Picnic, my knee was toast. I entertained the idea of mountain biking for a while, but I couldn't even get up and down the condo stairs. The ladies were off at the Mountain Biking Camp, so the gents got a massive brunch with sausage, pancakes, hash-browns, and an omelet at Nora's in Wilson. After Mike and I did a bit of day-drinking, the gang went out on Jackson that evening to The Rose, Silver Dollar, and Million Dollar Cowboy, which was popping on a Saturday night. Cool times with the lads and Adi. A number of locals were very impressed with our picnic adventure--which is a big part of why we do those things: so we can tell good stories at the bar.

The following day, I finally mustered the strength and right ibuprofen dosage to do some riding. Dave and I rode Lithium, which was a super steep loose double black diamond. It wasn't all that fun until the bottom when the trail turned into more of a bike park and we could choose our own adventure. I didn't hit anything large, but sent a few nice rollers and drops. We snagged a beer and lunch at Stagecoach and then shuttled up to Phillips Ridge. After some navigational issues, Josiah, Dave, Grant, and I ripped through the canyon, sessioning the bridge launch, and generally being silly and blasting tunes. The weather was so perfect, especially considering it was 102 in Albuquerque.

That evening the ladies returned, we all cooked up a great pasta dinner and then hit the town. This time our crew closed the Million Dollar Cowboy, and the DJ declared this was the best Sunday he's because our crew was so fun.

Monday, we grabbed breakfast at Cafe Genevieve and then headed north to camp up near Shadow Mountain (roundabout 43.700852, -110.604518). Some folks mountain biked, but Mel, Bri, Jo, Dave, Adi, and I headed down to Jenny Lake to swim and paddleboard. The winds whipped up, so SUPing wasn't very easy, but we managed a few laps. We grilled up chicken back in camp and told stories around the camp fire. The sunset over the Tetons was spectacular. In the morning, it was off to the airport and back to the real world. Also, don't forget to ditch your bike CO2 cartridges before flying - TSA really doesn't like them apparently.

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