Road Rash: A Gimp's Life 
Sunday, June 5, 2016, 07:58 PM
Tuesday, Spencer and I decided to do an after-work road ride down the bosque and then back on N. Diversion Channel. As we were heading down Lead between I-25 and Broadway, I was drafting super close trying to make the light and launch an attack on the bridge climb. Spencer pointed out a manhole cover on the left so I instinctively shifted right, but at the same time, overlapped his rear wheel 3-4 inches. I could see what was about to happen, so I tried to hit the brakes and whip my front wheel around his rear, but I was too late and laid the bike over in the gutter at 33 mph. I got lucky and slid up a driveway and didn't impact the curb full on. My hip got the brunt of the trauma, but I also roughed up my arm and broke my helmet (I think on the driveway). Spencer didn't go down and was able to come up and lend assistance and take photos. We straighten my seat and headset, and I limped back up the hill to my house. The worst pain came when I tried to scrub the debris out of the wounds in the shower. Some crying was involved.

For the next couple weeks, I was mostly out of commission. For Memorial Day weekend, I BBQed with Elise Saturday and car camped up by Cedro Peak with Melanie. The following I DD'd for my friend Jeanne, who was competing with her Babes in Brewland team in the "Battle of the Beer Geeks" as part of the ABQ Beer Week celebrations. They ended up winning with a fruity saison - though I may have voted for one with a little more hops (don't tell Jeanne).

I watched the US fall to Columbia 2-0 in the kickoff of the Copa America with the US Outlaws and then joined Melanie for a drink at Marble for her birthday Friday. Saturday, a big group of 14 mountain bikers rode the Manzano Monster Loop. I ran out of water 3/4 through and bailed at Juan Tomas Rd. Between the lingering injury and my dehydration, it seemed the best idea; I still got a solid 26 miles of riding with the scabbed/tight hip, so that made me happy. Sunday, I went to the Kirtland Air show. I didn't stay long because I could see the planes doing flips, barrel rolls, and other aerial maneuvers from my backyard too.

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